Interest Only Loans


Allowing you to afford life’s priorities

We know you’re unique:

Benefits for Home Loan Borrowers

The simpler, cheaper way to refinance your home loan with interest only loans.

  • Frees up cash flow for life’s priorities
  • Fixed rate for 3-5 years
  • Your profile determines your rate
  • Simple fee structure
  • Open to both homeowners and property investors
  • All money handled by Perpetual Trustees

We know you’re unique:


A simple and transparent way to invest safely, with investment secured by property.

  • Typically higher return than bank deposits
  • Relatively low risk with first mortgage security
  • Investors receive units in a Managed Investment Fund
  • All money handled by Perpetual Trustees.
  • Transparency with investors choosing the risk/reward profile and portfolio that suits best

How it Works

For Borrowers

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    On Your Mark
    Check out our platform or have a chat on 1300 335 825
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    Get Ready
    Sign up and get onboarded
  • 3
    Get Set
    List your mortgage on the platform and wait to see investors accept
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    You’re all set to refinance to your interest only loan!

For Investors

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    On Your Mark
    Check out our platform or have a chat on 1300 335 825
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    Get Ready
    Provide sophisticated investor certificate and undertake verification
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    Get Set
    Choose a risk profile that suits you best
  • 4
    You’re all set to invest in your new mortgage investment!

About Us

DeltaPeer Financial Services (DeltaPeer) is an Australian Financial Services company that provides debt solutions for residential property borrowers, and investment opportunities for wholesale investors.

We know all investors and borrowers are unique, so are we. Backed by an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and an Australian Credit Licence (ACL), we provide investment and funding alternatives that provide choice to both investors and borrowers, to meet your unique financial needs.

DeltaPeer Financial Services Pty Ltd – AFSL 510579
DeltaPeer Loans Pty Ltd – ACL 509110

Our Team Leaders

Melissa Gribble


Melissa is an experienced executive within the financial services industry, with an extensive background that encompasses financial technology, debt & capital raising, financial markets and corporate banking.

Previously holding senior roles at NAB, she is also experienced in interest rate derivatives, strategy, financial & non-financial risk and non-executive board roles.
Chris Brain

Head of Credit

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, holding senior positions with both NAB as a Senior Credit Partner and Yellow Brick Road as their National Manager of Lending Operations.

With a vast array of analytical and technical skills, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of industry regulators and legislative obligations, Chris leads the Credit Team at DeltaPeer.
Omer Ingber

Head of Technology

Omer has strong technical and business skills ranging from algorithmic development, software engineering to analysis and optimisation of business processes.

Omer’s broad experience is across a range of industries including financial services and health in Australia, Israel and USA.

Our Partners